Tri-Exec Nominees

The Tri-Exec of the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club refers to three especially important positions within the club: President, VP-Finance, and VP-Trips. Every year, we elect a new Tri-Exec to take over club duties for the next year. Check out the Tri-Exec nominees for the 2018-2019 season below!

PLEASE NOTE: These nominees will be presenting their platforms during the club's weekly meeting next Monday, March 12th, at 7 p.m. in the Mendota Lounge of Memorial Union. All SnS general members are welcome to attend! Voting will open up shortly after.


Amanda Fenton

Hi my names Amanda Fenton, and I am running for Hoofers SNS president next year. This is my second year on the executive board for SNS, my first year being the executive secretary, and this year VP Finance. Both of these positions have taught me a lot about this club and have prepared me to take on the position of president next fall. While executive secretary, I learned about the processes and timing of each of the positions as we went through our updates each week. Because the position didn’t require a lot of time outside of meetings, I was able to find opportunities to help around the club in fundraising, and local/weekend trips. This allowed me to get experience planning events, as well as interacting with members outside of the executive board. This year during my time as VP finance, I learned about administration, time management, and how to monetarily manage the different positions that make up the SNS executive board. All of the skills I have attributed over these two years will help me to fulfill the responsibilities as president by being able to provide assistance when members need it, have an understanding of how Hoofers works on a general, positional, and campus wide basis, and gain leadership to maximize efficiency of the club. Finding more opportunities for all members to get involved in the club including fun fundraisers and socials is a goal I would like to achieve next year. Also, we had an amazing increase in resale funds this year due to the incredible team that put it all together, and I hope to keep the upward trend going with more marketing and awareness across campus. I’m looking forward to being apart of this club for another year and watching it grow with all of you!

Spencer Cook

As the current Education Director and active member of Hoofer SnS, I have seen what this club does well, and what needs to be improved upon. As President, I will work to grow our reputation with our large trips and active teams while bringing new skiers and snowboarders to SnS and increasing the value of a club membership for casual riders.

There are many aspects that Hoofer SnS does incredibly well, such as, but not limited to; annual trips out west, local trips, competitive teams, and resale. I also believe there are aspects that SnS can improve, from lessons for new members to casual events, such as film premiers. As President, I will push Hoofer SnS to be a club that is valuable for any member that wishes to get the most out of their winter while here in Madison.

Hoofers, especially SnS, is the reason that I am here at Madison. My father, uncle, and aunt all were Hoofers. I always grew up hearing how attending Madison was the best time of my father’s life, and how great this huge ski and snowboard club, called Hoofers, was. My father and uncle held the role of Ski School Director, back when SnS could send out 4-7 busses, twice a week, with student instructors teaching fellow students how to ski and snowboard. Times have changed and since then, and the education program has been non-existent. I do not foresee lessons becoming that popular again on this campus, but with a little more work, we can send out lessons for beginners as frequently as local trips. With more beginner riders comes more long-term members and more revenue for other programs that are not self-sufficient. The demand is out there, we just need to promote education in SnS to the student body. Another large issue I see with SnS is there many students already know how to ski and snowboard, but do not see joining SnS as valuable. I want to grow our community, to make a SnS membership worth more than a few dollars off a lift ticket and a way to get to the mountain. Events like Rail Jam, free night, film premiers, and large trips all contribute to this sense of community, but there is more we can do. All-club socials, cup nights at Nitty, and other fundraisers are ways we can bring more casual members to SnS.



Carter Calderon

Throughout my time at UW-Madison, Hoofers has been the most enjoyable and rewarding organization I have been involved in by far. I first discovered Hoofers when deciding on where to attend college, and the ability to meet other people who share my interests was a huge draw for me. I have developed a passion for Hoofers and often find myself telling kids about all of the different teams and opportunities that are offered through SNS. As an Accounting major, I believe that VP-Finance is a perfect fit for me to combine my passions for skiing and for business.

During my freshman year I became a member of the freestyle team. I loved taking weekly trips out to Tyrol and meeting other riders who were passionate about the same thing as me. This positive experience led me to join the executive board my sophomore year as the Assistant Freestyle Director. While holding this position, I coordinated with UW Fleet to plan our weekly freestyle trips to Tyrol Basin and assisted in organizing the annual Hoofer Rail Jam.

I have set some goals that I will work to achieve as VP-Finance. First, I hope to help Hoofers become more financially diverse. Resale has been a great source of cash inflows for the club, however, I feel that there is risk in how much we currently rely on resale. I will work to find additional funding sources and the most appropriate way to allocate our funds to ensure that Hoofers can continue to be as awesome as it is now. Additionally, I hope to find a way that each part of the club can more easily manage their budgets. It is crucial to have an easy way to see how much you have spent as well as your current balance at a certain point in time. Therefore, I hope to work with the club to help manage finances not only between teams and trips, but additionally within the teams themselves to ensure that they are appropriately funded for their specific events and needs. Lastly, I will help Hoofers continue to keep the costs down for all of the trips. This not only keeps current members happy, but encourages new members to try out the club and skiing/snowboarding in general. As an accounting major and having experience working in the financial services industry, I believe that I can help Hoofers fulfill these goals and be the best club possible.

Carter Calderon


Benjamin Boehm

My name is Benjamin Boehm and I am a junior seeking the VP Trips position on the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club Executive Board for the 2018/2019 academic year. I am serving as the assistant under current VP Trips, Austin Anderson, for the 2017/2018 academic year. I also have led and attended many of these trips out west in the past. As a result, I have a fundamental understanding of all aspects of our trips out west. I hope to take on this position and continue a great tradition of fun trips to our rotating winter break and Jackson Hole Spring Break trip locations.

It is important to me to keep these trips fun, but continue to improve them for future Hoofers and university students alike. One change I am proposing for the next academic year, is allowing non-members to sign up for our Winter or Spring Break trips without paying the regular Hoofer membership fee. This will more than likely boost signups for these trips as they have at other universities taking similar trips out west. Next year, I am also hoping to do all trip booking through Echo Tours, our current partner in organizing these trips. This means cutting out the extra step of going through the Outdoor UW Offices. Echo Tours has taken care of us since we began booking trips through them. We have great contacts within their organization and I expect to maintain this great relationship with them. By booking exclusively through Echo Tours, the signup process will become more streamlined for trip-goers. Another addition I hope to make next year are post trip surveys for all trip goers. They will not be mandatory, but will serve as a way to generate feedback from trip goers. It is important to know who had fun and why, as well as hear from people that maybe did not have a good time, so that we can take steps to improve the experience for everyone. With this feedback, we can insure that people who have enjoyed themselves come back and those who want things changed can be reassured that future trips will take their concerns into consideration.

I would also like to oversee the production of a promotional video for our trips. We have not had a dedicated trips film and I believe it would boost support of the club from members and university students. I will do a trial run of this for our 2018 Spring Break Trip to Jackson Hole and see how well it goes over. If it is well received, perhaps we can increase efforts to create more promotional videos for the trips.
Thank you for your consideration.
Stay sendy.

Benjamin Boehm