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November 2009

Ski or Snowboard Instructor Applications DUE NOV 13!!

Are you fun?  Can you already ski or snowboard?  How about being an INSTRUCTOR?!

Check out the "Lessons" page above for more information, and download the is due Friday November 13!

8th Annual Hoofer Rail Jam Presented by Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area

Got what it takes to be the King of Slopestyle? Then show it off on February 4th in our Rail Jam.  

 7th Annual Hoofer Rail Jam 2016 Presented by Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area.

Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club is hosting its 7th Annual Rail Jam, a FREE EVENT FOR ALL (SHREDDERS AND PEANUT GALLERY! We will meet on Saturday February 6th at Observatory Hill.

What is a Rail Jam, you may ask? Here are some videos showing how rad we are:

2014 Rail Jam2013 Rail Jam / 2012 Rail Jam / 2011 Rail Jam / 2010 Rail Jam 


Think David Wise's gold medal pipe run was weaksauce, and that your skills deserve a rowdy audience? Well we've got 60 first come first serve spots for competitors and unlimited spots for viewers on the famous Observatory Hill!

Telluride Blog



We have right around 10 bus packages left as of today, november 3rd. We also have around 25 land packages which have yet to be sold. get into the opo asap to reserve your spot on the trip!!!!

For those of you as jacked for Telluride as I am, here is a blog from their website that hits on some new features which will be rocking this year.

RAILJAM and RESALE are right around the corner!

Hey SnSers! We have two huge events coming up!!

THIS THURSDAY - the Terrace Rail Jam will be in full force behind Memorial Union!


Come on out! Tonight! 5-8PM on the Terrace!!


If you have the time, come help volunteer before 5pm!

Ski and Snowboard Lessons!

Thought the Rail Jam was sweet?  Wish you could ski or snowboard and do awesome tricks like those guys?  Well you can!  We have an AWESOME team of instructors this year to teach YOU how to shred the gnar!

The Ski and Snowboard Resale is almost here!!!

Need a new pair of skis or some new apparel for the upcoming season?

Resale Volunteering!

Have you filled out the volunteer availability form yet?  If not, you have until Monday at noon.  The final volunteer schedule will be sent out Monday, Novmber 30th by 5:00.


Now-Apr 26, noon

Exec Board Application


More events, click here

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