February 2010

Sign up for Jackson Hole before it's too late!!

Looking for the best spring break trip ever? Look no further. 

Come to Jackson Hole, WY with us!!

What’s Included:

  • Luxury Coach Bus ride to and from Madison to Jackson (if you choose the bus package option)
  • 6 nights lodging at the Amazing Antler Inn, located in downtown Jackson
  • 4 out of 5 day lift ticket at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
  • Stellar Barbeque Elk Dinner
  • Wisconsin Style Brat Fry on the hill!
  • Socials galore!
  • Trip T-shirt
  • Fun Times all around!

 - BUS PACKAGE: $520 (you ride the bus with us from Madison to Jackson and back again!)

- LAND PACKAGE: $315 (find your own transportation to J-Hole and back) 




The trip comes with a 4 out of 5 day lift ticket to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. If you would like to go for an additional 5th day you can for a discounted price. Here are the options:

Grand Targhee Info: $60 **Opens online March 1st!!!

  • Targhee is another resort about 75 minutes from Jackson that is known for killer snow
  • Jackson Hole: (any day) $50 for lift ticket



 Spend a half day or full day shreddin' the backcountry gnar with a small group of your friends and a guide.  What's provided? The essentials: backpack, probe, and beacon... and a guide with all the knowledge needed to go out and SAFELY tear up the backcountry.   

-Half Day: $50 

-Full Day: $95


How do I sign up?

  • You can sign up in the Hoofer Outdoor Programs Office (M-F, 9-5) in the basement of memorial union with a $100 deposit. Sign up soon, Jackson is filling up FAST!

Jackson Hole 5th day tickets are now availible!!

 5th day tickets to either Jackson Hole or Grand Targhee are now availible for the Spring Break trip to Jackson Hole, WY. Jackson 5th day tickets are $50, and Grand Targhee 5th day tickets are $60. There are only a limited number of tickets, so come to the office as soon as you can!!

There are still bus and land packages availible for our infamous spring break trip. You only have a couple of weeks to sign up before they fill up!
Here is what is included in your package:

  • Luxury Coach Bus ride to and from Madison to Jackson (if you choose the bus package option)
  • 6 nights lodging at the Amazing Antler Inn, located in downtown Jackson
  • 4 out of 5 day lift ticket at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
  • Stellar Barbeque Elk Dinner
  • Wisconsin Style Brat Fry on the hill!
  • Socials galore!
  • Trip T-shirt
  • Fun Times all around!

$520 for a bus package
$315 for a land package


That's not it though! Enjoy everything Jackson Hole has to offer by going on a guided backcountry tour. There are two options, a full day tour for $95 or a half day tour for $50. Last year's participants all said it was the best skiing they had all week. Do not pass up this awesome opportunity! if you have qustions contact Dane at dcnelson3@wisc.edu.


To sign up for Jackson Hole, come on down to the office in the basement of Memorial Union (M 9:30-6; T Th F 9-5 ; W 11-5). Can't make it to the office? Call the OPO at 608.262.1630.

We hope to have you come to Jackson with us!!

If you have any questions contact the trip coordinators Victo and Mike at sns.trips@gmail.com

Let It Snow! Hoofers Resale 2009...By Kami York-Feirn

As the clock struck 7am, the line outside the doors began to form. It wound around the building and out the doors in a snake-like fashion while people anxiously waited to be let in. Workers in neon yellow shirts could be seen running around barking orders, running skis up and down stairs and taking an occasional break for much needed food and coffee. When the doors finally opened at 9am, nobody could have predicted the events that would ensue that weekend.

The Hoofers Ski and Snowboard Club held their annual Resale on December 5th and 6th in what proved to be one of the most successful sales in the clubs history. More than 3,500 visitors were recorded and more than $350,000 of equipment was sold over two days; a feat that not many people can say they have been a part of.

            While the sale was only open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, the set-up began days before. Club members put in more than 40 hours of work in just three days, staying up in the Union until 3 or 4 in the morning hauling skis, snowboards and miscellaneous equipment up several flights of stairs to be organized by size, color and brand. The final product was two levels of equipment and apparel brought in by numerous vendors and sales that numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

            The set-up began Thursday and Friday when vendors arrived to drop off their products. Some vendors had small loads while others brought more than 5,000 pieces to be sold. Members and volunteers spent the two days unloading trucks, carrying loads of skis, helmets, snowboards, ski pants and jackets, boots, goggles and other apparel to their appropriate rooms. Workers started a ski-train system to make the process faster in an amazing group effort. People everywhere could be seen helping each other out without a question. Members and volunteers alike aided the public in purchasing new and used skis, regardless of their experience level. Some volunteers helps a person buy their first snowboard or first pair of skis while others helped people upgrade from their current set-ups.

            When the sale closed their doors at 3pm on Sunday, it was hardly the end; there was still much work to be done. Tear-down went faster than expected but still kept people at the Union until the early hours of the morning and into the next day. But their efforts were well worth the cost when the financial planners counted the final dollar amounts. The 2009 Resale beat out last years sales for a total of just over $350,000 and there is no doubt there will be an even bigger effort to beat this number next year.

            As the last pair of skis was given back to its owner, everybody breathed a sigh of relief. Relief that the busy weekend was over; relief that people could go home and sleep for the first time in a week; relief that the sale went smoothly; but most of all, relief that they could go shred the gnar with their newly acquired equipment. Congratulation on an amazing sale Hoofers and On Wisconsin!


Hoofer Free Ski Night

Come join the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club for our annual free ski night at Tyrol Basin.  

Date: Saturday, February 20th 

Time: 9pm - 12am

Hoofers has rented out four school buses and will be providing transportation for 200 participants free of charge, but you must sign up in the Hoofer Offices (basement of MU) to reserve a spot.

Rentals will be 10 bucks!


Jackson Hole and Mount Bohemia Trips are OPEN!

On Monday both the spring break trip to Jackson Hole and trip to Mount Bohemia opened for sale. There are 200 bus packages ($520) and 50 land packages (315$) available for the Jackson trip, and 52 spots (165$) for the Bohemia Trip. Spots on both trips will fill up fast, so get to the Hoofer Outdoor Programs office in the basement of Memorial Union for sign ups!

See the trips section of the website for more deals on both trips.





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