April 2010

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Executive Board!

We are excited to announce the 2010-2011 Executive Board for the Ski and Snowbaord Club. We have a great group of leaders who are excited to lead the club next season.
President- Lisa Daniels
VP Trips- Mike Lindeke
VP Finance- Ricky Frommgen
Nordic Team Directors- Peter Holmes, Karina Katchko
Alpine Team Directors- Tara Schuknect, Christa Wille, Chase Rettler
Freestyle Team Director- Ely Gerbin
Resale Director- Page Mieritz
Assistant Resale Directors- Kyle Haas, Alex Orcutt, Michael Rugnetta
Secretary- Hillary Rolf
Special Events- Jocelyn Tschaikovsky
Weekday Trips- Nick Schapals
Youth Outreach- Will Stalle
Webmaster- Josh Slauson
Assistant V.P. Trips- Tyler Graf
Council Representative- Dan Fourness
Marketing- Tyler Wanke
Midwest Trips- Trevor Wetterau
Weekend Trip- Drew Kozlak
Public Relations- Kelly North
Backcountry Director- Kaytlyn Beres
Donations- Robert Woodruff
Videographer- Ryan Parsons
Adult Education- Nathan Kliewer
3rd Trip- John Beye

Again, congratulations! We are excited for next year's season!

2010-2011 Executive Board Applications!

I hope everyone had a great 09/10 season! At Hoofer Ski and Snowboard club we hope to have another successful year next year, and we need YOU to make that happen. The SnS Executive Board has 18 leadership positions that run the club- from our local and out west trips, to marketing or public relations, to special events. If you would like to have a leadership role within the club, apply to be on our executive board! Our leaders have fun throughout the whole year creating ways for members to do what love to do- ski and snowboard!! 

Below is our application 

Applications are due Friday May 16th at 5pm, either to the Outdoor Programs Office located in the Memorial Union, or to sns@hoofers.org
Here is a list of the positions available:
•Adult Education Director
•Assistant Resale Director
•Backcountry Director
•Donations Chair
•Freestyle Team Director
•Hoofer Council Representative
•Marketing/Promotions Director
•Midwest Trips Director
•Weekend Trips Director
•Weekday Trips Coordinator
•Public Relations Director
•Resale Director
•Special Events Coordinator
•Youth Outreach Director
•Assistant VP Trips
If you have any questions let me know!
Lisa Daniels
President Elect
Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club




Executive Board 2010-2011 Application






PHONE #:                                                                             


YEAR IN SCHOOL:                                                           


Position(s) Desired:  1.                                                         






Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:


1.  What is your previous/current involvement with Hoofers and the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club? (past trips, years a member, attended events, etc.)


2.  Please explain any past leadership experience you have had?


3.  Please tell us other organizations, jobs, etc. which may coincide / conflict with your position desired.


4.  Are there any conflicts that may arise that would prevent you from attending Monday evening Executive Board meetings at 7 pm?


5.  Please explain what you feel you can bring to the Executive Board and how you feel you can fulfill your desired position responsibilities.  


6.  Please list 3 goals you would like to see the club accomplish next year.


7.  If you saw a job/task not being completed by another Executive Board member how would you address the issue and help to get it resolved.  Explain.


8.  Please describe yourself in 3 words.


9.  What is your best /  worst skiing or snowboarding  experience. 


10.  Random question:  What is your hometown best known for?