March 2012

Written Platforms for 2012-13 Tri-Exec VOTE NOW!

After a great round of platform speeches and Q&A sessions, the voting for next year's SnS Tri-Exec has begun!

The candidates are as follows:

Brady Ernst

Elise Moran

Kenny Coyner
Peter Holmes

Please vote for one candidate each for President, VP Trips, and VP Finance.  You must be a Hoofer SnS member to vote.

You can vote two different ways:

1. Send your vote via email to
2. Head to the Outdoor Programs Office to fill out a paper vote.  You will also have the option to vote anonymously at the OPO.

Voting will be open until 5pm this Friday, March 30th.


Brady Ernst - President

Throughout my life, I have always been active in numerous extreme sports.  From skateboarding to motocross, snowboarding to wakeboarding, bmxing to mountain biking, I have literally done it all.  These have all been phases of my life with the exception of snowboarding, which I have actively been doing every winter season since I have been 6 years old.  Since snowboarding was always such an integral part of my life, I was not about to let going to college stop me from doing what I love.

Because these interests appeal to me so much, I decided to become an active member of the UW Hoofer Ski and Snowboard club.  Last year, as a freshman, I joined the club and immediately knew that I wanted to become as involved as possible; I became a snowboard instructor and joined the freestyle team.  Even with all the meetings and events, I sill wanted to contribute more to the club.  This year, I served as the events coordinator.  While filling this position, I had many opportunities to interact with other Sns executives as well as people from the Union and the campus community.  I organized many events such as the Sns Homecoming float, the Set Your Sights film premiere and film screenings at both of our kickoffs.  I also helped to organize the 3rd annual Hoofer Rail Jam, which went off without a hitch.  Through all of these events, I have had the opportunity to explore the ins and outs of how things are run at the union and the campus as a whole.  Now, as my second year as a Hoofer is coming to close I once again want to become even more involved, so that is why I am running for Hoofer Sns president.

As president, my main priority will be ensure that every executive board member is doing his/her job to the fullest extent, while also helping them to accomplish it by giving them endless resources to complete their task.  Every executive board position is necessary to the health of the club.  Without every position being executed to it’s fullest extent, this ski and snowboard club is not running at it’s full potential.

I will also ensure to encourage extra participation by each board member.  As special events coordinator, I know how it can sometimes be difficult to get enough help to pull off the event.  This accounts for the majority of the stress when planning an event.  I feel that this stress is extremely frustrating because everyone should be looking to help out every other person on this board.

The success as a club all starts with our actions on the executive board.  I am ready to take on the responsibility of leading Hoofers Ski and Snowboard Club so that it can maintain its legacy as one of UW-Madison’s finest student organizations.


VP-Trips - Elise Moran

There is nothing quite like the tradition and uniqueness that Hoofers has created throughout the generations. So I went to Steamboat this year? Well my dad also went to Steamboat with Hoofers back in the mid-80’s. I’m going to Jackson Hole in a few days? My uncle happened to also spend one of his spring breaks at the Antler Inn while on a Hoofers Jackson Hole trip way back when.  I personally feel that this tradition is one of the coolest aspects of Hoofers, and we need to make sure future generations get to experience it as well!

After working alongside Tyler for the last year, I have noticed 3 main issues that may hurt these trips in future years. The first is the inevitable rise in prices due to the economy.  Prices will continue to rise as years go on, and it is our job to make find solutions to these changes.  The second issue is a loss of connections that may occur due to things like changes in ownership, etc. We have many strong relations that help to keep our prices affordable, and losing these connections would undoubtedly hurt our ability to keep it that way.  The third and final concern that I have is the recent competition that has surfaced here at UW. Unfortunately, there are now other groups putting together winter trips for students for cheap prices, threatening the uniqueness that Hoofers trips have upheld for decades.

So how do we confront these issues?  I would first like to ensure that our current connections and relations stay strong and reliable.  For example, the Antler Inn has been absolutely wonderful to us for decades, rarely raising prices on us and making our Jackson trips as pleasant as possible.  It is very important for us to continue to express how grateful we are for them, and how important this relationship is to us.  By doing this, we can hopefully secure this connection for future years, even when changes in ownership (or other obstacles) may occur.  This goes for our other relationships that we have formed over the years: Green River buses, Echo Tours, local businesses around Jackson, etc.  These people have made our lives much easier over the years, and we need to make sure they know that!

The second, and probably most important solution to my concerns is to do everything in my power to keep our prices as low as possible.  We have taken pride in our ability to provide affordable trips to college students for generations, and we need to ensure that this tradition does not die.  Besides the obvious solutions of efficient budget-planning and upholding our current connections, I have two specific ideas of how this can be done.  First, I would like to work on addressing our competition by possibly showing Echo Tours the other winter trips we are competing with.  This will hopefully ensure that our prices stay as low as possible, even when compared with other options.  Another action I would like to take is to work strongly towards keeping our Jackson Hole lift tickets as cheap as possible.  Over the last few years, we’ve run into some trouble keeping these prices reasonable. Tyler worked very hard this year to get these prices down, and I would like to continue to stay firm with these lower prices in future years.  This means that we need to show the new people at Jackson Hole how important these trips are to us, and how essential the low prices are to keep these trips running.

In conclusion, I strongly believe in upholding the tradition of these trips, and I want to do everything in my power to keep them running in future years.  Nothing can stop the Hoofer radness! …especially if I have something to say about it.


VP-Finance - Kenny Coyner

Anyone who knows me would agree that my life is defined by snowboarding.  It has always been a huge part of my life since I started 12 years ago.  There is just something about flying down the mountain or through the air that gets my heart pumping and puts a smile on my face.  Then, my competitive nature kicked in and I started to compete.  Of course, this gave me an entirely different perspective on the sport, dealing with the general attitude and the costly nature of it.  So, since I have been competing for over 6 years, it has given me plenty of time to see how important money truly is in this sport we all love.  I would love to run the finances of the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard club so that we can continue to have our fun.

Hoofers has been such a fun part of my life in college.  Even before I came to the UW, I was excited for the club and all it had to offer.  During my freshman year I was a member of the freestyle team.  So, after having a great time I joined the executive board my sophomore and became the Freestyle Director.  While holding this position, I was in charge of, in my opinion, one of the most fun events we have on campus, the Hoofer Rail Jam.  Along with the various tasks that were associated with the event, I was also in charge of funding the event, costing around $25,000.  This gave me a good introduction to handling large sums of money for our club.

With my dedication to this club, I will happily assist the president as well as the rest of the executive board with all of the various things that we do.  Aside from the rail jam, I have also coordinated weekly trips to local mountains, assisted with our various events, been on two winter trips, and will be one of the trip leaders for the upcoming Jackson Hole trip.  All of these different experiences will allow me to be a great Vice President by helping out wherever I can.

As VP-Finance I have some goals I would like to achieve.  One of the main goals is to get more money for the teams so that they can do more things without worrying about whether or not they can afford it.  Also, I would like to see some more awesome ski and snowboard events on campus, so I will work on getting the money to hold them as well as collaborating with others on ideas.  Furthermore, Hoofers has done a great job at keeping costs low for our weekly trips, Midwest trips, winter trips, and spring break trips; I will keep this up so that our members will have a great, and cheap, experience.  I feel that my background as an electrical engineer gives me all the mathematical experience I need to handle our club’s money.  Although the courses I have taken are not directly related to finances, numbers are numbers, and numbers I can do.  I will have a great time working hard as the VP-Finance for the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard club; I hope to see you all out on the mountain.


VP-Finance - Peter Holmes

Members of the sns exec board:  Although I have not been present this semester, I would like to run for the vp finance position on next years exec board. I apologize for my late nomination, I have been putting in a lot of time at my internship in production management at Cargill.  However, it is this same experience that makes me a qualified candidate for this position. Being part of the leadership team of the corn mill here in cedar rapids, I have been involved in project management and budget discussions that would help me lead the Sns board to sound financial decisions.

I have also had numerous leadership experiences on the sns board. Last year I was director of the resale. Had he second highest volume of sales in resale history despite a new location and warm weather. Before that I led the Nordic team to a balanced budget season.

I thank you for your time and consideration for this position and if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know.

Now Accepting SnS Tri-Exec Nominations!

Hey SnS'ers

While the snow may be gone, summer weather isn't the only thing that's snuck up on us:


As our season comes to a close, we must decide next year's leaders.  Our Tri-Exec involves three positions:

-VP Finance
-VP Trips

Each of these positions involves a large amount of time and dedication and are crucial to success of our club next year.  If you or someone you know is interested in running for one of these positions please send a nomination to  The list of nominated candidates will be announced at the end of the week.  Candidates are expected to submit a written platform by next Monday, March 26th and attend a platform presentation and Q&A session at 7pm at the Hoofer Lounge at Memorial Union.  All members are welcome to run for a position as well as attend next Monday's platform meeting.    Voting procedure will be announced with the list of nominated candidates. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at