April 2013

2013-2014 Exec Board Info and Application



First of all congratulations to the 2013-2014 tri-exec:

President: Tommy Lindeman
VP Finance: Doug Keating
VP Trips: Denys Pilecky

Thank you all for voting!  The year already looks promising!

Now it’s your turn: apply for this coming year’s Hoofer SnS executive board and help make Resale, the Rail Jam, and dozens of trip happen.  It’s a fantastic experience and will get you involved with people just like you doing things you want to do (and most importantly get you on the mountain!). 

Please click on this link to view the position descriptions in full (for a brief overview, scroll to the bottom of this page):


For the actual application, please follow this link:


Apply soon!  Applications close on Sunday April 29th at 5 PM!

We are excited for your interest and hope you apply.  Being on the exec board is truly a memorable experience and one you will always remember.  Don’t miss out!

See you out there!

Hoofer SnS



Brief Position Descriptions:


Adult Education Director - Run lessons for SNS members and direct ski & snowboard instructors


Assistant Resale Director - Help with the various duties of the annual Resale


Donations Chair - Apply for grants and sponsorship for events


Freestyle Team Director - Run the Freestyle Team and annual Rail Jam


Videographer - Document SNS events for promotional use


Accessibility Chair - Research future opportunities for SNS-sponsored events for disabled persons


Hoofer Council Representative - Liaison between the SNS exec board and Hoofer Council


Marketing/Promotions Director - Market and advertise all events as well as SNS in general


Midwest Trips Director - Organize weekend-long trips to resorts around the Midwest


Weekend Trips Director - Organize and run SNS's trips to Tyrol Basin on Saturdays and Sundays


Public Relations Director - Issue press releases on SNS's events and promote the events via social media


Resale Director - Organize the Resale team and run SNS's largest fundraiser, the annual Resale


Secretary - Document discussions during exec board meetings


Special Events Coordinator - Run SNS's Homecoming presence, kickoffs, socials, annual Free Night, and other miscellaneous events


Weekday Trips Coordinator - Run SNS-member trips to Tyrol Basin on tuesdays and to Devil's Head on thursdays


Youth Outreach Director - Organize the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters event as well as other SNS events for kids


Webmaster - Design and update SNS's website


Assistant VP Trips - Assist the VP Trips in planning the Winter Break trip and the Spring Break trip to Jackson Hole


Assistant Weekend Trips - Assist the Weekend Trips Coordinator in driving members to Tyrol


Assistant Special Events - Assist the Special Events Coordinator in planning miscellaneous events




Hoofer SnS Tri-Exec Nominations and Platforms

It is that time of year yet again!  Hoofer SnS is proud to present the following candidates for the Tri-Exec to lead the board on to another fantastic year.  The Tri-Exec consists of the President, VP-Finance, and VP-Trips.  These people will lead the board of directors, the club, and all the things that we do best!  Please review their attached platforms and be sure to vote!  You can vote in person at the Hoofers OPO (5th floor of the Memorial Union) or send an email to hoofersnselections@gmail.com.  Elections close at 5PM on Sunday, so don't forget! 

Candidates are as follows:


1. Tommy Lindeman

2. Kate Schwen

VP Finance

1. Doug Keating

2. Jon Weber

VP Trips

Denys "The Menys" Pilecky


Please click on the following link to view the platforms for the above candidates.