November 2014

51st Annual Ski and Snowboard Resale 2014

In the market for some new ski and snowboard gear or winter outerwear? Looking to pick up a new hobby this winter? Trying to sell some old gear to make room for the new? Hoofer SnS is here to the rescue with this year's resale. We're hosting our annual ski and snowboard resale this weekend, December 6th and 7th at Union South. 

Drop your gears at Agricultural and Industry Room, 3rd Floor, Union South on Thursday December 4, 6-9pm or Friday December 5, 9am-9pm. Shopping time is Saturday December 6, 9am-5pm, and Sunday December 7, 9am-3pm.

More details at our Resale page

For historical purposes, you may view the list of sold items here.