Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club

Jackson Hole Pre-Trip Meeting



Just a reminder that the Jackson Hole pre-trip meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, March 8th at 7:30PM.  Attendance is REQUIRED for all trip goers.  Also final payments are due on this day (we will have a credit card machine there but don't expect to pay there-- if too many people try to pay, we won't have time to process all payments).  

Blackjack Trip Feb. 24-26

Blackjack Resort

Public Check-In Technical Dificulties

Currently the 2011 Sales Report from Saturday is being updated.  We are having technical difficulties with the website and it should go through sometime this afternoon. The website is just moving really slow

2011 Resale Report

Follow this link to find the page for the resale report!






Resale Public Check-in, 5th Quarter Room, Union South

Go to hoofersns.org/resale for more info!

Internet Explorer Glitch: Resale Page



Just want to let everyone know if they are having problems accessing the Resale page, try a different browser.  It currently isn't functioning with Internet Explorer, however Google Chrome and Safari both function correctly.  Anyways, sorry for any inconvience, it will be fixed as soon as possible!