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As much as 4,500 years ago, some guy in Europe thought it might be a good idea to go down a hill of snow using a ski.

Here at the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard club, we applaud this stranger's idea. 
When we arn't fighting off fire breathing dragons or saving damsels in distress, we like to ski and snowboard. 
Our members enjoy trips to local hills such as Tyrol Basin as well as out west to ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and more! 
We love fun, snow, and all things in between! You should too! Executive board meetings are in the Hoofer Lounge, 7pm, every Monday, and general members are welcome to attend.

How do I become a member?

A membership costs $40 and is good for the entire school year. You receive a free hat or bandana with membership sign up! Sweet! With this purchase you also receive amazing discounted local, Midwest, out west winter and spring break trips, as well as access to our teams and the cheap and fun education program. You must be a member of SnS to participate in those events.

You can purchase a membership at the Outdoor Programming Office anytime, at any of our kickoffs, or click on the "Become a Hoofer: Online Sign Up" icon on the right of the page.


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