Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Executive Board!

We are excited to announce the 2010-2011 Executive Board for the Ski and Snowbaord Club. We have a great group of leaders who are excited to lead the club next season.
President- Lisa Daniels
VP Trips- Mike Lindeke
VP Finance- Ricky Frommgen
Nordic Team Directors- Peter Holmes, Karina Katchko
Alpine Team Directors- Tara Schuknect, Christa Wille, Chase Rettler
Freestyle Team Director- Ely Gerbin
Resale Director- Page Mieritz
Assistant Resale Directors- Kyle Haas, Alex Orcutt, Michael Rugnetta
Secretary- Hillary Rolf
Special Events- Jocelyn Tschaikovsky
Weekday Trips- Nick Schapals
Youth Outreach- Will Stalle
Webmaster- Josh Slauson
Assistant V.P. Trips- Tyler Graf
Council Representative- Dan Fourness
Marketing- Tyler Wanke
Midwest Trips- Trevor Wetterau
Weekend Trip- Drew Kozlak
Public Relations- Kelly North
Backcountry Director- Kaytlyn Beres
Donations- Robert Woodruff
Videographer- Ryan Parsons
Adult Education- Nathan Kliewer
3rd Trip- John Beye

Again, congratulations! We are excited for next year's season!