Hoofers Homecoming!!!!

Last week, Hoofer SnS participated in the events during homecoming week. We had a blast! We rocked out in three events, including the Badgers Games, Barge Races, and the parade. In the Badger games, we won two events, got 2nd in another, and got third in the tug o war (beating ROTC Air Force in the process). Our sea worthy barge, consisting of boxes, copious amounts of duct tape and a killer sns flag, took second in the race. Lastly, our float in the parade was clearly the best one, with a lifesize snow globe. After some brief technical difficulties, our float made its way over to Langdon street and impressed all. It was not only appealing to the little kids, but also multi functioned as a sauna for all those who went in it! Thanks to everyone who helped make homecoming week a success!!!!!

From Jocelyn (via Mike Lindeke)