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Skiing has always been a large part of my life.  The day I was born my grandfather brought in what seemed to be a bouquet of flowers for my mother.  Unwrapping the gift revealed a surprise; my first pair of skis.  I have been dedicated to the sport ever since.  As a college student I found an opportunity to continue doing what I loved and last year decided to become more involved in the Ski and Snowboard Club.  I could not have been more excited to be part of a group devoted to the sports that mean so much to me and creating opportunities for others to experience it themselves.  I believe that my personal involvement and enthusiasm is key in collaboration with my experience and organization for a successful SnS president.

I am a three year member of Ski and Snowboard Club and an active member of the Freestyle Team.  I have been out west on the winter break trips and volunteered at resales, ski lessons, kickoffs and more as part of the executive board.  Perhaps most vital to this position has been my experience as a representative to Hoofer Council.   This has provided me with invaluable exposure to the way things work.  As a member of council and the SnS exec board I was involved in the budget process for all clubs, attended leadership retreats and workshops, and developed an understanding of meeting structure and accountability.

As president I would have several areas of emphasis for the year.  First and foremost I believe stressing accountability is key.  I have seen great examples as well as setbacks in previous years and understand emphasizing responsibility is crucial to the success of the club.  Although our club is definitely an easy-going and well run group, it is important to me that it stays this way.  I would propose setting up a system to limit meeting absences.  While responsibility is the focus, it would also promote communication which is vital in a governing board.  If members are not at the meetings, it is much more difficult to communicate.

As a member of the Freestyle Team and a participant in the Terrace Rail Jam I can guarantee I would do everything in my power to ensure that remains a highly successful event on our annual schedule.  This past year we have moved to require volunteering at this event from the executive board which I think is very fitting.  I plan to work closely with the freestyle director to help organize the event.  In the past we have run into funding and sponsorship problems and last minute decisions on the movement of our own finances.  I think this could be remedied with early planning and a close collaboration with Badger Sports Properties, a firm hired by the Union to help us obtain corporate sponsorships.  I view this as a huge asset and would like to be able to run the event with as little money possible out of our own accounts with help from Badger Sports and appropriate corporate sponsorships.

Another thing that I would like to see is recognition for our teams and members.  I am very interested in the successes of our teams and know that many others are as well.  I think it would be great to see race and competition results published or posted somewhere for members to see.  It would involve collaboration with the team directors and provide a way for each team to learn more about what the others are doing.  Creating a results page or posting results to the front page of our website would be a great way to let others know about the positive things happening in our club on a weekly basis.  Besides recognition for the teams this would also provide a positive endorsement for potential new members.

As previously mentioned, the Union’s contract with Badger Sports Properties allows us opportunities for sponsorships.  I think that this asset will provide lots of opportunities for us when necessary.  I would like the executive board to have a better understanding of the tools at their disposal and feel comfortable finding grants and sponsorships.  I believe that we can help keep the costs of our events down and our trips and opportunities affordable.

One important area of focus for next year would be ensuring that we provide the services that we advertise.   This is an issue of oversight and I plan to work in close contact with the tri-execs to guarantee accountability.   In some scenarios I think there are ways to set up a fallback to combat potential issues.  It is important to me that our trips go out each week and I understand that it is not rational to expect someone to be available for every single trip.  I would like to work with the trip directors to come up with a strategy to have alternate drivers when we need them.

Communication amongst the executive board begins with the tri-execs.  It would be our job to make cohesive decisions and oversee the responsibilities of the executive board members.  A large part of being president is balancing delegations without micromanaging and having good communication can help define the line between the two.  I also have a strong set of connections with the leaders in clubs across the other state campuses and hope to create stronger relationships with other organizations.  I think there are many possibilities for us to use these connections to create more affordable opportunities for our members.

My enthusiasm for the club, experience, and connections make me a strong candidate for SnS President.  I would like to encourage next year’s executive board to take advantage of the resources available including corporate sponsorships and grants.  Our events have run very successfully and I hope to replicate that success while making improvements where appropriate.  I will hold all executive board members accountable including myself and stress communication and collaboration.  Included in this accountability would be an emphasis on providing the services we offer including local trips.  I am excited to hopefully work with another great executive board next year.

Stress accountability
Promote strong communication
Development of recognition/results postings
Continue successes of Rail Jam/Resale/Big Brothers-Big Sisters
Establish relationship with Badger Sports Properties
Promote use of grants and corporate sponsorships
Review and maintain budget
Create stronger inter-campus relationships
Ensure local trips and other opportunities are provided as offered


About Me:

I’m a senior in Chemical and Biological Engineering.  Next year will be my fifth and final year at UW-Madison.  Hoofer SnS has been part of my life since my spry days as a freshman.  I have met many of my best friends through this club and had many of my best times on its trips.  My sophomore year I was the Assistant VP Trips and my junior year I was VP trips.  I regret not being involved with the board this year.  However, my academic schedule would have prevented me from putting forth my best effort.

Key Issues:

The Members.   A club is not a club without its members.   Every year, members of SnS (and even some non-members!) go above and beyond and help us pull off events other clubs could only dream of doing.  My goal, as President, would be to encourage those who aren’t members to join and those who are members and go above and beyond, to think about board positions.

The Board.  Board meetings were always something I looked forward to in SnS.  We had a great time while we worked.  My goal, as President, would be to make sure everyone has as much fun as I did on the board.

The Budget.  Even clubs are bound to budgets.  As President, I would like to work with the VP Fincance and members of the board to maintain a transparent budget that accounts for everything and minimizes grey areas in spending.  I would also like to see a well defined emergency fund for unforeseen, necessary expenses to the club.

Why Me:
A president’s greatest responsibility is defining his/her responsibilities.  Hoofers was founded on the idea of inspiring its members to experience the outdoors and enabling them to do so.  As President of SnS, my goal is to stay true to this idea.  In a triathlon, the athletes do the action and the support crew provides sustenance and support.  In SnS, the board and the members are the athletes and the President is the support crew.  I have spent my time as an athlete, and now I am asking you all to let me be your support crew.


Snowboarding is and has been one of the most important aspects of my life.  It has been something I’ve greatly enjoyed doing for over ten years, the three most recent of which, I have gone over fifty days a season.  Snowboarding is such a big part of my life that it played a major role in what university I would attend.  Ultimately, I chose UW - Madison for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest pulls to this university was Hoofers.  When I toured the campus I went down to the Hoofer office to get more information about the club.  I was blown away with how many options and opportunities Hoofers SNS had compared to ski and snowboard clubs that I had seen while touring other schools.  Since my freshman year here at Madison, I have been heavily involved in the club.  During my freshman year I was an instructor and also helped lead a few weekday trips.  Sophomore year I was the Weekday Trips Director, and this year I was the club’s videographer.  I have also participated in a variety of other Hoofers events, such as the Jackson Hole trip where I was a trip leader.  Additionally, I have also been a member of the freestyle team for all three years.  Through my involvement in these activities and events as well as me being an executive board member for the past two years, I have gained a great deal of knowledge and insight into the inner workings of the club.  I am also an employee of Hoofers working in the Outdoor Programs Office.  In doing this job, I spend time interacting with people from all six of the Hoofers clubs, something that would quite necessary for the president of SNS.

            If elected president, there are quite a few things I could contribute to the club.  Anyone who has talked with me about Hoofers for longer than five minutes would know that I really am passionate about this club.  I think Hoofers provides its members with a number of great opportunities that you can’t find elsewhere. At the same time, you could ask any of the exec board members that know me well, and you would find out that there are a number of things about the club that I believe could be improved to make the club even better.  Acknowledging what we’re doing right is easy, acknowledging what we could improve is harder.  Any kind of leader needs to be able to do both, and this is something I can do.  While it’s important to acknowledge what you do right or what you do well, you can’t make any progress by doing that alone.  You must also see things that could be better and then more importantly act on those things.  That being said, when it comes to making improvements, the President can only do so much.  If elected I would see it as important to suggest new ideas and bring new things forward, but ultimately, it is the exec board as a whole who are responsible for running a successful club.  The president has a key role in selecting the exec board positions.  In doing this, I would carefully select the best people for the job.  Those who apply for the exec board are met with realistic, but high expectations, if elected I will hold the board to these present standards.  Aside from selecting the board members, the president is there to help the board.  If elected, I would act as an aid to all those on the exec board.  Next year my class schedule will be incredibly light and I will have plenty of time to assist anyone with his or her position.  Each board members position is important and if they fail to do their job well, then the club suffers.  Ultimately, if elected president, my biggest goal for the club would be to promote fun.  I started snowboarding oh so many years ago and continue to do it because it truly is my favorite thing to do.  Hoofers has given me the perfect outlet to meet others who share my love of the snow.  It’s now my turn to give back. Thanks for reading through all of this and for considering me in your selection for president.  Receiving your vote would mean a lot and be very important to me.  But more important than that, I hope to see you all at Tyrol next year!