Hoofer SnS Tri-Exec Nominations and Platforms

It is that time of year yet again!  Hoofer SnS is proud to present the following candidates for the Tri-Exec to lead the board on to another fantastic year.  The Tri-Exec consists of the President, VP-Finance, and VP-Trips.  These people will lead the board of directors, the club, and all the things that we do best!  Please review their attached platforms and be sure to vote!  You can vote in person at the Hoofers OPO (5th floor of the Memorial Union) or send an email to hoofersnselections@gmail.com.  Elections close at 5PM on Sunday, so don't forget! 

Candidates are as follows:


1. Tommy Lindeman

2. Kate Schwen

VP Finance

1. Doug Keating

2. Jon Weber

VP Trips

Denys "The Menys" Pilecky


Please click on the following link to view the platforms for the above candidates.