Yo Dudes, big stuff poppin' right now and if you're wondering what to do in this frozen tundra we call home to make the winter a bit more bearable we got the answer for you.

The annual Jackson Hole Trip is open for sign-ups!. With over 286" of snow this season and an early spring break, skiing conditions are going to be amazing. Get to the OPO and sign up before it's too late and check out the facebook page here.

If Jackson Hole isn't soon enough for you or you don't have the guap to drop we got other options. Ever heard of Granite Peak? It boasts over 700 vertical feet and some amazing terrain just over two hours outside of Madison. Check out the faebook page here.

Finally, if you don't wanna sleep anywhere but your own bed at night we have plenty of local trips to choose from every week at Tyrol Basin and Devil's Head. Check out the Weekday and Weekend Trip page and get out on the slopes!

Whether you are going out west, over night, or just hitting tyrol for the day getting out on the hill makes winter something to enjoy rather than spite. So get out there while you can before it gets all hot and muggy.