Solid Results from UW Alpine Team in the Nationals

Our girls team and individual male qualifer returned from Nationals in Bend Oregon last week. The event was awesome to say the least, and according to senior Brenna Murray, "The best nationals out of the 3 I've attended." The results reflected Brenna's enthusiasm:
Girls Slalom Team: 6th Overall
Steig Peterson: 25th in Slalom
Megan Mcmahon: 8th Skier Cross/2nd Team All America
The temperature was also great. Reaching into the 50s and 60s, frostbite was no issue after a cold and windy regionals. Sophomore Isabelle Cooperstein's goggle tan post-raceweek was proof of this. On top of this, the camraderie of our skiing Badgers reached an all time high on the trip. Flying out west together, spending a week in a house together, and skiing in the sunshine together concreted friendships that will stand for a lifetime. I would like to personally thank the alumni and friends that made this trip possible.  Allowing our racers to attend this event at an affordable price created memories that are life-lasting, and instilled a passion for commitment to our team that is everlasting for both current, and future alumni.