SNS's Mount Bohemia Expedition

Bohemia Panorama

SnS's Mount Bohemia Expedition

Hoofers Ski and Snowboard sent over 50 members to Mount Bohemia this past weekend to shred the lake-effect snow in the Upper Peninsula.

Executive board members Spencer Cook and Caleb Reiter were amongst those to get out of Madison for the weekend. With the group, they rode up in a full bus. Bus mates talked with those around them sharing their motivation to go on the trip: to hit natural features, sail through the trees, enjoy the outdoors. Members who wanted to ride with the crew but did not snag a spot in time for the trip caravanned the six hour drive to Houghton, Michigan. Everyone unloaded around 11pm into the resort’s lodging accommodations: yurts. These round, hut looking abodes comfortably sleep 10 to 12 people, with a bathroom under a teepeed ceiling. Unfortunately for those who drove up on their own, they had to sleep in flat-bed their car: a truly rustic experience.

Saturday morning brought daylight to unveil the surrounding “rustic” village Spencer and Caleb describe. They said the crowds and energy was wild and exciting. Many different characters were about the village and on the slopes. A man with a My Little Pony helmet and two naked men riding down the mountain give some context to the shenanigans. However strange, Spencer and Caleb appreciate the different aspects of life in the Midwest that find this gem for backcountry riding.


The snow conditions started off icy with a spotty base. But as the day progressed and the sun shone on the hill-face and the snow softened some. Spencer says the tree skiing was still great regardless. Most members on the trip skied all day Saturday to make as much of their weekend trip as possible.

If you were not about skiing, the guys noticed many different events happening throughout the village for people to do instead. There were many people out and about all day that kept the village bumping with activity.

That night the crew spent time listening to great live music, listening and participating in karaoke at the bars around the village, as well as sitting in a hot tub. Spencer and Caleb emphasized the relief and enjoyment from the hot tub with friends and good times.

Sunday, the crew skied only a half-day. The guys mentioned the hill being pretty icy that morning before their departure. By 1pm, everyone loaded the bus and was on the road back to campus.

“The village was crazy but the skiing was crazier,” Spencer and Caleb describe.

Judging from that, those on the trip seemingly had a fantastic time riding Mount Bohemia. If this trip sounds a least bit interesting or fun to you, check out our other trips headed out this month through our local trips team.

Written by Journalist Director Genevieve Vahl