Rail Jam

Got what it takes to be the King of Slopestyle? Then show it off in our annual Rail Jam!

8th Annual Hoofer Rail Jam 2017 Presented by Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area.

Hoofers Ski and Snowboard Club is hosting its 8th annual Rail Jam, a FREE EVENT FOR ALL (SHREDDERS AND PEANUT GALLERY!).

What is a Rail Jam, you may ask? Here are some videos showing how rad we are:

2014 Rail Jam / 2013 Rail Jam / 2012 Rail Jam / 2011 Rail Jam / 2010 Rail Jam

Think David Wise's gold medal pipe run was weaksauce and that your skills deserve a rowdy audience? Well, we've got lots of first-come, first-serve spots for competitors and unlimited spots for viewers on the famous Observatory Hill!


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